Worldwide Exports from TML Machinery

We regularly export plant and machinery to Europe and the rest of the world.We have a loading ramp in our yard to facilitate the loading of machines into shipping containers and lorries. We can arrange international shipping and we clean the machines in accordance with DEFRA’s standards. We can supply a EUR1 certificate if required.

Required Documents

To arrange export we must first be in possession of the following:

A copy of your STAMPED AND SIGNED CMR document.This document must be provided upon collection of the machine from us.

*A copy of the same CMR document must be returned to us with the ‘Goods Received’ box SIGNED, STAMPED and DATED as soon as the machine has arrived in your yard.

*Send this to us BY EMAIL to as soon as possible as the documents must be RECEIVED WITHIN ONE MONTH of the original collection date*.

A copy of your shipping invoice (from the ferry company).To prove the export destination.

Zero VAT rated

We need your VAT number, business name and address details, contact phone numbers and email address of the main contact for the business.All must be valid and will be verified by us.

Orders must be confirmed in writing by email.

For further information about export, loading and delivery please contact us.